Choosing Super Bowl Location


Super Bowl XXXVIII was held in Houston, TX.

On February 6, 2011 Cowboy Stadium, in Arlington, TX, will host Super Bowl XLV. The brand new stadium (opened in 2009) is the most innovative venue to host the big game. That is not the only reason Dallas was picked.

The location of the Super Bowl is chosen by the NFL well in advance, usually three to five years before the game.  Cities place bids to host a Super Bowl and are evaluated in terms of stadium renovation and their ability to host.

The NFL owners then meet to make a selection on the site.

The Host Committee in Dallas is made up of a group of senior volunteers. Each city has a host committee that creates their bid to send to the NFL.

Tony Fay, the Vice President of Communications for the Host Committee, said “teams submit bids to the NFL. These are very comprehensive bids that look at a number of factors including stadium size hotel room accommodations.”

“The committee is a stand-alone organization,” said Fay. “We planned the bids and prepare Cowboy Stadium for the event. We are working off a $40 million budget, which covers all of the preparation fees.”

Bids were submitted in 2007 for the upcoming Super Bowl. Once the NFL chooses the host city, that city needs time to come up with finances and resources to host the big event.

This is the interior of Wembley Stadium in Great Britain.

On October 16, 2007, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that a Super Bowl might be played in London, probably at Wembley Stadium.

The game has never been played in a region which lacks an NFL franchise.

A host city reaps many benefits while hosting the Super Bowl. For example, more revenue will come into the city and the city will gain media exposure.

“The whole region rallied behind this game,” explained Fay about the Dallas community.

Fay went on to talk about why Dallas is the perfect location for the Super Bowl.

“One of the great things is the stadium,” said Fay. “This is the largest metropolitan area to host the Super Bowl since 1993. Cowboy’s stadium can also hold the largest crowd.”

According to Fay, Cowboy’s stadium is extremely state-of-the-art and has the latest amenities.

The Super Bowl is hosted in a warmer climate. Many cities have hosted the Super Bowl more than once.

The following shows the locations of previous Super Bowls.

Be sure to tune into the Super Bowl on February 6 on FOX.

How far are you willing to travel to go to the Super Bowl? How important is the location to you? Comment below!

Photos courtesy of Flickr user RMTip21 and Wikileaks user Jbmg40.


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